DIY: Carry-All Bag

5:55 PM

Interested in making your own American Apparel Carry-All Pouch? Here's how!

+ 1/3 yard of any heavy weight fabric you like (I am using colored canvas)
+ ruler or measuring tape
+ a straight edge to map out straight lines
+ pencil or chalk
+ pins
+ metal zipper 
+ sewing machine (this can just as easily be hand sewn as well)
+ needle
+ thread

+ Lay out the fabric on a flat surface.
+ Determine the size you want your finished product to be and add an inch to those measurements.
+ Map out the length and the width with a measuring tape and a straight edge. 
+ I measured mine at 15 inches by 11 inches.

+ Using the lines as your guide, cut out the fabric.

+ Repeat step 1 to make two identically measured pieces. 

+ To attach the zipper, lay the zipper facing right side up on a flat surface. 
+ Lay the fabric wrong sides down on either sides of the zipper. 
+ Pin, and sew one side at a time.
+ For ease, after you've pinned the zipper onto the fabric, unzip the zipper to make it the materials easier to manage on the sewing machine.

+ With the zipper unzipped, lay the fabric right sides together with the wrong side facing out.
+ Once you've checked that both pieces of fabric are lined up, pin the 3 sides.
+ Sew all the way around, with your 1/2 inch seam allowance.

+ Cut off the excess fabric from the 3 newly sewed sides and snip of the 2 bottom corners.

 + Almost there!
+ Turn your bag inside out & make sure you push out all your edges.

 And there you have it! The completed Carry-All Bag.

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