Winterize Your Million Dollar Skin

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As we bid adieu to the season of sweat, we welcome in the cold days of winter. From what I hear, this winter is going to be brutal. There's no getting away from it...and as luck would have it, skin and winter don't work well together...but we sure can make them try! The problem is, cold air lacks humidity which dries up natural oils in the skin, causing it to lose moisture. Winter weather can not only irritate the skin but also make current skin problems worse. Remember, we bid adieu to the season of sweat, so we also must bid adieu to our old skincare routine. Formulas that work well with your skin most of the year may suddenly be the cause of irritation in the winter. No bueno.

Here are few easy steps to keep Jack Frost from nipping at your nose this winter.
+ Start your morning showers with lukewarm water. As tempting as it may be to turn up the heat on your shower, do your skin a favor and refrain. Hot water strips the oils from your skin, causing it to dehydrate. You want to trap in as much moisture as possible and since "winterizing" your skin is all about hydration and protection, we want to cleanse but we also want to keep most of that protective oil in and most importantly, moisturize. For this, I recommend a moisture-boosting (fragrance and alcohol free) soap like Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Beauty Bar. This soap's creamy base, doesn't leave the skin feeling dry as the liquid soaps and deodorant soaps do. Lather, rinse and daydream...

+ Once you're out of the shower, and you've patted down what's not already on the floor, then we can begin HYDRATION! Take advantage of the steam you've created from your shower. Steam is caused by tiny water droplets which are suspended in the air. This is good stuff...the type of humidity we will never have in the winter time. While I'm here, I begin the process of head to toe skin hydration. I start with Embryolisse Concentrated Lait Cream lathered all over my face and neck. I don't like to rub this product in as I like to let it sit on my skin to let my pores soak it in. I leave this on while I do other things like apply my lip balm, Dior Creme de Rose, and massaging La Roche-Posay Lipid Replenishing Body Balm generously all over my skin from below the neck to my toes. Leave no dry skin behind!

+  Out of the bathroom, dressed and straight into the kitchen for a tall glass of water. I'm sure you've heard it a million times before but staying hydrated in the wintertime is absolutely crucial in maintaining your health and your skin's health. And while you're lolly-gagging, might as well check to see if you're humidifier has adequate water. Humidifiers (like this) are extremely important in the winter time because they emit moisture into the air, which helps your skin from drying out from the hot dry air being blasted by your heater or radiator.

+ Onto the couch with my make-up bag while I watch the news. By this time, most of my moisturizer has soaked in and I'm ready to start my winter make-up routine. I grab Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20. Three reasons I love about this product are: (1) it provides me with a second layer of moisture; (2) it has SPF to protect my skin from the sun's UV rays (just because it's cold doesn't mean you won't get a sunburn); and (3) it's all tinted to match my skintone which means all I need to do afterwards is spot conceal whatever blemishes is still visible. I apply cream blush, load up on my mascara, lightly powder only my t-zone and lastly, apply more lip balm. 

Now all you have to do is grab your purse (don't forget your lip balm, hand cream and gloves), put on your scarf, your goose feather down jacket, and your trusty shades and you're ready to hit the town feeling like a million bucks!

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