11:13 PM

Been a really enlightening week. I found myself in the guest bedroom/office more than I ever have been before. I'm actually falling in love with the space, aside from the fact that there's still no window coverings so I feel like my neighbors...who are a good 500ft. away from me...can see my every move. I'm probably just being paranoid. Anyways, this week I...

+ did some face painting for my baby cousin's 2nd bday. Bought cheap-o face paints at Party City...didn't work as well as my Pro stuff. I honestly don't recommend this stuff.
+ went shopping with my little brother. He asked. Never thought I'd see the day where he would ask me repeatedly, but he did & we picked up some awesome finds for him at the mall and even scoped out goodies on Amazon.
+ found a pair of cosmetic contact lenses I had bought for a client a while ago & decided to put them on. ^____^
+ drank a ton of Jasmine Green Tea from Trader Joe's.
+ added 'Saturate' by Sam Brocato to my hair routine. My scalp needs the added moisture and this stuff is perfect for it!
+ went to the fabric store to pick up some fabric for my new clutch. I'm absolutely in love with it!

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