Bobbi Brown University

9:52 PM

BACK IN STOCK!!! The Bobby Brown University Palettes are ba-ba-ba-ba-BACK!

I love these! When it comes to stocking my makeup kit, I like to go for palettes. I'm very picky about what I carry in my kit because I don't like to carry junk and I most especially don't like makeup that's undependable and not worth the weight and space in my bags.

What's important about keeping a well stocked kit is it minimizes the need for the all the extra stuff. What I love about palletes the most is the fact that you can have all the colors at hand, whenever and wherever. 

The Ultimate Face Palette features 13 shades of Bobbi's skin flattering Corrector, 14 shades of Creamy Concealer and 20 shades of Foundation stick. The Artist Palette for Lips boasts 54 shades featuring 3 different formulas for lips...that can also be doubled as cream blushes!

Note: In terms of the blendability of the foundations,  I suggest you warm the foundation before applying. I personally like to apply foundation with my fingers. I find it melts in the skin and looks more natural and less cakey. In this application, I like to tap my fingers on the colors I need from the palette, warm it on the back of my hand or wrist, then  apply the foundation, with a tapping motion, straight on to my client's face. (This can be done with a brush or sponge as well.) 

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