What's In My Make-up Bag

9:46 PM

I rely heavily on my well packed make-up bag because I am rushing out the door 99% of the time. The things I have in my bag are basically everything I need for a quick look to easily even out the skin and give it some life while I'm in the car or on the train heading to...wherever.

Giorgio Armani Limited Edition Pocket Book (Blusher and eyeshadow all-in-one! I also use the eyeshadow to fill in my brows. This is a definite must-have!)
Laura Mercier Deluxe Travel Brush Collection (Must have brushes in my make-up bag are: powder/blush brush, liner brush, spoolie, eye shadow brush, & blending brush.)
Rosebud Salve (I'm not one for lipsticks/lipglosses, I much prefer a really good lip balm. This is perfect in my make-up bag because I am able to use it on my hands too.)
Jumbo Hair Clips (These are awesome! No joke. These are JUMBO!)
Evian Mineral Spray (Sets my make-up after I apply it and after a long day, this freshens up my face, giving my tired skin a second life and a healthy glow.)
Jao Hand Refresher Sanitizer (Non-drying hand sanitizer formula. Perfect for constant users like me.)

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