What's Your Skin Type?

10:20 AM

Knowing your skin type is absolutely critical in making the right decisions about skin care treatments & products. Determining you skin type can help you match it with the best recommended methods to improve the way your skin looks and slow the aging process!

The first thing to know is that there are 5 basic skin types.

Let's take a look in the mirror to find out what kind of skin you have.
If your skin has a smooth and even texture, small to medium pores and a good healthy color, you most likely have NORMAL skin. This skin type is the least problematic because it always looks clean and smooth because the skin has good circulation which gives you a healthy complexion.

Now if your skin is DRY, you'll notice that your skin feels flaky, dry, & tight, especially after cleansing. This type of skin requires thorough care to refresh and maintain balance of moisture so the skin can feel clean, soft and hydrated.

On the flip-side, OILY skin is shiny and is the most prone to breakout. This type of skin is usually greasy, has enlarged pores and tends to break out into acne, however, oily skin is slow to age and wrinkle (which is a wonderful benefit in the long run!)

COMBINATION skin is tricky because it requires different types of care since there are two or more skin types that occur on the face at the same time. It's difficult to identify this of skin and even more to treat it because while some parts of the face are oily (usually the 'T-zone' which is the nose, chin and forehead) the rest maybe dry and flaky.

If your skin is SENSITIVE, you'll notice that it is dry, tends to feel tights and most importantly, becomes inflamed and irritated easily. Though the symptoms may be synonymous with people who havedry skin, the difference is that this type of skin reddens easily and may even become uncomfortably itchy.

Now that you've found the type of skin you have, you are now better educated to chose the right skin care products that works perfect for you and only you! Remember, what works for one person may not necessarily work for you! Mix, match and try new things, from ¢ to $$$, there are a ton of great products out there destined for you to find!

P.S.: Don't forget to do a skin patch test!

Image Credit \\ Photographer: Caitlin Mitchell | Model: Mary O'Rourke [Wilhemina] | Make-up Artist: Sherianne Butron | Hairstylist: Gitty Schneeweiss

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