Oh! Now that's Lush!

12:36 PM

If you haven't had the pleasant opportunity to try out LUSH and their fresh handmade cosmetics, now is a good time as any to try it out!

The first product I ever tried at LUSH was their bath bombs. Sooo amazing! A bath bomb is basically a hard-packed mixture of ingredients which fizzes when wet. They are used to add scent and color to bathwater and in this instance the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb is loaded with sweet orange oil and some colorful fizzy gifts that reveal themselves at bath time!

The Bubble Bar is what it says it is. It's a bar that makes bubbles...tons of bubbles...with the added scent of jasmine and ylang ylang oils for a peaceful soak.

A unique product at LUSH is their Massage Bar. The Midnight Massage Bar is a solid bar of moisturizing butters and essential oils, such as jasmine and fig, the melt directly on the warm skin.

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