Keep the Chill Away: Winter Essentials

1:07 PM

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 As the real chill of winter rolls, I often wonder if my closet is prepared to bear the cold.

 +For me, it's important to have a reliable coat...especially one with removable I don't like to feel too hot in warmer winter weather but yet still be able to layer up to keep the chill away in frigid temperatures.
+I find it also very important to keep a finger-less glove at hand because as a make-up artist, I have to be able to freely use my hands to apply touch-up on set.
 +An infinity scarf is key to keeping warm. What I love most about infinity scarves is the fact that i can easily throw it around my neck without it unwinding throughout the day.
+ The thing about me is, I HATE dry lips but I LOVE Kiehl's Lip Balm. Super moisturizing. Super must-have!

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